We have been facing the same challenge since 1946.

Making it easier to paint has always been a challenge for Anza. Everything started on a modest scale in 1946. Today Anza is the leading supplier of painting tools in the Nordic countries, with a constantly updated range and significant export levels.

You don't get to be a market leader by accident. We have become one by listening to the users of our products. Professional painters and do-it-yourselfers have always given us valuable insights into their painting work, and this has helped us develop the right products.

Our curiosity and desire to try out new opportunities for making painting easier have also carried us forward. For example, we began the production of rollers in 1960, and only a couple of years later we entered into our first cooperation agreement with industrial designers – which was something unique at the time.

Our main markets are Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Great Britain, but our sales network covers most of the world. Anza has a total of 250 employees, 140 of whom are in Sweden. Since 2012 we are a part of Orkla House Care AB which is a wholly owned business to Norwegian Orkla.

Despite our size and success, we have never forgotten the reason for our existence. We are always faced with the challenge of making it easier to paint. And as long as there are new ways to try out, we will never be satisfied.