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Medium-smooth surfaces

Thickly woven roller with excellent covering power. Suitable for interior painting of walls and ceilings, especially kitchens, toilets and bathrooms where smooth surfaces are needed for easy and hygienic cleaning. Can also be used as joinery paint for wooden boarding or planks, and for concrete floors. Gives a fine texture. Fabric: Titex

  • For painting the: Ceiling and Wall, Floor, Ceiling


Art. no. Width Pile height Size
550018 18 10 Maxi
550023 23 10 Maxi
550025 25 10 Maxi
550145 45 10 Maxi
550510 10 9 Mini
550518 18 10 Maxi stick
550523 23 10 Maxi stick
550526 25 10 Maxi stick


    Green rollers cover large areas quickly with their high capacity and coverage.

Tips and inspiration

Painting a floor

Painting a floor

Paint a floor with perfect results by looking at how our painter works step by step. Tools: masking tape, plastic covering, filling knives, micro-fibre cloth, drying rags, scraper, sanding tools, sanding sponge, roller set, and brushes. Watch the film