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Laying-off Brush

Elite PRO

Elite PRO is a very good choice for professional painters who demand high quality and user-experience. Laying-off brushes are suitable for finishing doors and woodwork where a smooth surface is desired. The brushes are durable, have very high paint pick-up and give great coverage, which ultimately means that you save time. The synthetic filaments are of very high quality, and the length are optimized for a great user-experience. The brushes are developed for all indoor and outdoor paints (both water-based and oil-based) and for precision painting wich gives a very good finish. Elite PRO brushes have stainless steel ferrules and wooden handles made of Chinese cherry-tree (hardwood).

  • For painting the: Woodwork, Door


Art. no. Width Thickness Visible brush
103390 100 9 45
103392 125 9 45
103395 150 9 45


    The handle is made of birch or Chinese cherry-tree – two of the most durable woods available.

  • LAY OFF.

    LAY OFF.

    Laying-off brushes, for perfect smoothing, are only available in Elite Pro.

Tips and inspiration

Painting wooden panelling

Painting wooden panelling

The painter shows how to paint an interior wall with wooden panelling for perfect results. Tools: mini-roller set, masking tape, angled varnish brush, mottler, filling knives, abrasive paper, sanding tools, extension handle.
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Painting a door

Painting a door

The painter shows how to sand, spackle and paint a panelled door for perfect results.

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