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Radiator Brush

Elite PRO

Elite PRO is a very good choice for professional painters who demand high quality and user-experience. Radiator brushes are suitable for paiting facades, decking, indoor walls and floors. To reach awkvard places. The brushes are durable, have very high paint pick-up and give great coverage, which ultimately means that you save time. The synthetic filaments are of very high quality, and the length are optimized for a great user-experience. The brushes are developed for all indoor and outdoor paints (both water-based and oil-based) and for precision painting wich gives a very good finish. Elite PRO brushes have stainless steel ferrules and wooden handles made of Chinese cherry-tree (hardwood).

  • For painting the: Facade


Art. no. Width Thickness Visible brush
160550 50 12 62
160570 70 20 62
160590 100 30 65


    The handle is made of birch or Chinese cherry-tree – two of the most durable woods available.