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Paint Scraper


Reversible and re-sharpable blade, adjustable sideways. Ergonomic soft-grip handle. 661530: Stainless steel blades for 661630, 661430. 661550: Stainless steel blades for 661650, 661450. 661565: Stainless steel blades for 661665, 661465.

  • For painting the: Facade, Window


Art. no. Width Length
661630 30 150
661650 50 200
661665 65 255

Tips and inspiration

Paint stairs

Paint stairs

Paint stairs with perfect results by looking at how our painter works step by step. Tools: masking tape, plastic covering, filling knives, micro-fibre cloth, drying rags, scraper, sanding tools, sanding sponge, mini-roller set, brushes. Watch the film