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Two-Handed Scraper


Ergonomic two-handed scraper. Comes with a comfortable soft-grip handle, hammerhead, nail puller and reversible tungsten carbide blade. 665150: Tungsten carbide blade, reversible.

  • For painting the: Facade


Art. no. Width Length
665250 50 290

Tips and inspiration

scraping & washing a facade

scraping & washing a facade

The painter shows how to prepare, wash and scrape a facade before painting. Watch the film

PAINTING WINDOWS - Three steps for better results.

PAINTING WINDOWS - Three steps for better results.

Most often, you look out of windows, although sometimes you look at them. And perhaps think about repainting them. But how does one know that it's time? A window's most sensitive part is the bottom piece of the frame. Something needs to be done if you can see cracks in the putty and paint here. We believe that you should frame your view in a neat way.. Läs artikeln