ClickOff™ - the innovation of the year is finally here!

The year's most innovative new feature from Anza is finally here! A completely new roller frame with a smart ClickOff™ function, which means that roller sits securely on the frame and you simply click off the roller when you have finished painting. One click away. Two thumbs up!

Before starting to paint, put the roller on the frame exactly as normal.

Push the roller onto the frame. It is important that it is properly secured.

When you are ready, you can just start painting.

When you have finished painting, place your thumbs against the ring and push – without getting your hands dirty. You can also place Anza's storage bag over the roller before you click (watch the video).

You will find this symbol on rollers that are ClickOff™ compatible.

ClickOff™ Platinum


  ClickOff™ Elite