Strong colours for soft cushions

Many of us have tried at some time to give old chairs, cupboards and other furniture new life and colour. Painting cushions is perhaps not so usual, but it's easy to obtain excellent results with a little care and imagination. Julia uses textile paint in different colours, and paints the cushion cover with a roller. The cushions immediately take on their own style, and with simple means one can smarten up old cushion covers that you already have at home.

1. Create a pattern

You must first decide how the cushion cover is to be painted. Julia uses masking tape to create her own pattern, as well as templates.

Examples of patterns for cushions

2. Preparation

When painting, the paint can easily penetrate through to the other side of the cloth. Julia therefore puts protective plastic on the inside of the cushion cover.

3. painting

The paint is rolled onto the cloth. Good-quality masking tape enables really sharp edges, and when templates are used, Julia holds them firmly against the cloth so that the paint does not come outside the intended pattern. Remove the tape and the template immediately after finishing, and let the paint dry. Follow the instructions for textile paints to fix the paint. The cushions are then ready to use.

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