Pleasant colours

Stools are easy to place and move around when needing additional seats or display surfaces. And it's just as easy to stack them or stow away when they are not used. Julia had several unpainted wooden stools that badly needed a little more character.
The goal was that they should become a pleasant part of the home's furnishings. The seats and legs were therefore painted in different colours and patterns. Julia used a good brush, masking tape, a sanding sponge and a micro-fibre cloth.

1. Preparations

Julia starts by sanding the seats and legs with a sanding sponge from Mirka. She then wipes away the sanding dust on the wooden surfaces with a micro-fibre cloth.

2. Patterns

Based on a simple sketch, Julia divides the stool legs into different surfaces with the help of masking tape. Some of the stools are given a cross pattern on the seat. So as to mask in the best way, Julia uses different widths of tesa Precision Indoor – 38 mm for the seats and legs, and 19 mm for the thin edges of the seats.

3. Paint

Prime and then allow the stools to dry. Julia then applies two coats of wood paint with a Platinum angled varnish brush. The tape is then removed directly after the last coat.