Anza's product design A product range that is easy to grasp.

Anza manufactures brushes, rollers and tools for all types of painting work. We have the widest range on the market – for the benefit of professional painters.

Professional painters set high requirements, and there is nothing strange about that. They need to have reliable tools at hand. This is why our products must be easy to grasp in several ways.

A professional painter often feels it immediately when he or she has taken hold of a really good tool. And after almost 70 years, we know exactly what creates that feeling.

First of all, it is a matter of choosing durable materials and a design that can be used time and again.

The shape must then be moulded so that it feels good in your hands, arms, back and neck – even after work.

Finally, we come to the details, which are also significant. For example, most of our brushes are equipped with an extendable handle, mounting hole and a paint pot holder.

In short, we think that it is easier to paint when the tools feel good. You are welcome to visit one of our dealers and feel for yourself whether we have succeeded.