Angled outdoor brush spares your shoulders!

The choice of brush is not only important to achieve perfect painting results. Anza's Platinum Angled Outdoor Brush has an angled handle that makes it comfortable to use for your wrists and shoulders.

Unlike traditionally angled brushes, Anza has designed a unique ergonomic handle shaped like a fork, which enables you to grip the brush naturally and convey strength out to the tip of the brush. This implies minimal stress on your wrists and shoulders when painting large time-consuming surfaces.

Moreover, Anza's outdoor brushes have hardwearing filaments and excellent paint pick-up ability – a combination of several qualities that make your painting work ergonomic, time-effective and fun. The brush fits all of Anza's extension poles.

The Platinum Angled Outdoor Brush is available in sizes 75 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm.