Ergonomic brush handle spares your shoulders!

Professional painters are very vulnerable to strain injuries to their shoulders and wrists. The latest Synt series from Anza contains professional brushes with an ergonomic handle that spares sensitive parts of the body from monotonous work.

Anza's angled outdoor brushes in the Synt series have many advantages when painting large time-consuming surfaces. Unlike traditionally angled brushes, Anza's is shaped like a fork. This enables a more natural grip, with the angle conveying strength out to the tip of the brush. The balance in the brush is in the centre so that you avoid holding too firmly when painting. The brush does not turn in your hand, and gives better control no matter which direction the paint is applied.

The brushes have a soft, rubber-coated handle, synthetic filaments of the highest quality, as well as a stainless-steel and strong tinplate. They are adapted for water-based paints, have excellent pick-up ability, a tin holder, and fit all of Anza's extension poles.

The Synt Angled Outdoor Brush is available in sizes 100 mm and 120 mm.