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2 IN 1 Angled Outdoor Brush


The Elite brush series is an excellent choice for the DIYer that wants a very good result. Elite 2in1 angled outdoor brush is a combination of a standard outdoor brush and a radiator brush giving you an extra 50% reach. This means not having to move the ladder as often, making it easier to reach those surfaces that are difficult to get to and not having to bend over completely to reach the paint cans on the ground. The brush is suitable for painting facades, fencing, decking, ceilings, walls and floors. The brush has high paint pick-up and gives excellent coverage. The high quality synthetic filaments mix has been developed for use with all paints (both solvent based and water based), indoor and outdoor. It gives an excellent finish and a very good result.


Art. no. Width Thickness Visible brush
348100 100 20 60


    The angled outdoor brushes are ergonomically shaped and make the job easier when painting large surfaces.