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Outdoor Brush


Elite is a very good choice for the DIY painter who wants to achieve a really good result. Outdoor brushes are suitable for painting facades, fences and indoor ceilings. The brushes have very high paint pick-up and give great coverage. The synthetic filament heads are of very high quality, developed for all indoor and outdoor paints (both water-based and oil-based). It gives a very good finish and a very good end result. Elite brushes have ergonomically designed handles for greater precision with each grip. The brushes also have Anza’s patented pail hanger and brush rest.

  • Brushtype: Synthetic
  • Extendable: Yes
  • For painting the: Facade, Fence


Art. no. Width Thickness Visible brush
347475 75 20 60
347490 100 30 60
347492 120 35 60