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Radiator Brush


Elite is a very good choice for the DIY painter who wants to achieve a really good result. Radiator brushes are suitable for paiting facades, decking, indoor walls and floors. To reach awkvard places. The brushes have very high paint pick-up and give great coverage. The synthetic filament heads are of very high quality, developed for all indoor and outdoor paints (both water-based and oil-based). It gives a very good finish and a very good end result. Elite brushes have ergonomically designed handles for greater precision with each grip. The brushes also have Anza’s patented pail hanger and brush rest.

  • Brushtype: Synthetic
  • Extendable: Yes
  • For painting the: Facade, Ceiling and Wall, Floor, Terrace


Art. no. Width Thickness Visible brush
199335 35 13 43
199350 50 14 49
199370 70 18 62


    The handle of the radiator brush is oval so as to fi t the hand perfectly. The angle makes the job easier, and the handle gives a little more range.

Tips and inspiration

Painting A ceiling

Painting A ceiling

The painter shows how to paint a plastered ceiling for perfect results. Tools: plastic covering, masking tape, sanding sponge, roller set. long angled brush, filling knife, extension handle.
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