Make and paint a box-shelf

Wooden boxes in different sizes, good painting tools and paint - no more is needed for Julia's box project. How the boxes are painted and stacked is up to each person's liking and taste - although the job will be easier if you first plan the actual painting.
Julia chose to use a mixture of white, grey and wood, as well as slightly dulled blue and green shades. The end-result is an excellent storage solution that can be easily restacked and changed when you want to have a new feeling in the room.

1. Preparations

Preparing properly can be very important for good end-results. Julia therefore starts by sanding in the direction of the grain with a sanding sponge so as to obtain a good surface for the paint to adhere to. It is equally important that all sanding dust is removed before painting. Julia uses a course micro-fibre cloth that effectively removes dust, but that also functions just as well to remove dirt and other stains.

Useful tip:

Painting and sanding must both be carried out in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

2. Mask

The idea is to obtain a varied appearance with different colour combinations. Some are to be painted on both the inside and outside, some are to have an unpainted inside, while others are only to have the bottom panel painted. To obtain perfect results with sharp and neat edges, Julia uses tesa Precision Indoor masking tape.

3. Prime

Julia first primes the surfaces that will then receive a top coat of paint. An Elite mini-roller for an extra-fine foundation is used for the larger surfaces, and an Elite varnish brush for the edges, corners and surfaces that are difficult to reach.

Useful tip:

Julia puts a nail into each corner on the underneath of the box. It will then be easy to paint neatly around the underneath edges when the box is placed on the nails.

4. Paint

When the priming coat has dried, Julia applies two coats of wood paint. To enable better precision and reach the corners, a Platinum angled varnish brush is used for the insides and the bottom, and an Elite mini-roller for an extra-fine foundation for the larger surfaces. The tape is removed directly after the last coat, and the boxes are ready to dry for the last time.